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2021 Capital Well/Sunapee Triathlon Recap


The Importance of Yearly Testing

Dan talks with Peter about recommendations and EPA guidelines involving water testing for both city and well water.

Dan talks Innovation

The technological advancements in research and treatment methods surrounding our planet’s most precious resource!

Water is always essential

Dan talks about the impact of Covid-19 and the safety standards his crew is implementing while out in the field. Water has to run and we're here to make sure yours is healthy.

Hiring the Best

The struggles of finding well qualified, hard working employees in our region and how Capital Well tries to encourage and support their employees.


There's a real issue with Arsenic in our water sources in New England. Dan breaks down the issue and offers up solutions.

Longevity of Well Pump

Know what to budget and plan for when Dan talks about cost of ownership for your household’s well pump, as well as insight on how long many other of your household appliances are meant to last.

Water Demands Rising, Wells Running Dry.

Dan talks about what to do if your well runs dry? And how to prevent it! Are you conserving water and using it wisely?

Well Drilling

Dan talks about what you need to know about drilling a well and the time it takes to make it happen.

Let us help you to get the best quality water in your home while making sure NH kids have food security when returning to school this year. To support Drinking Water Awareness Month, Capital Well will donate 10% off all water treatment to the Backpack Program through September!

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