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Well Pump

The Constant Pressure Pumping System: The Most Common Option for Selecting a Water Well Pump

If you’ve experienced poor water pressure when your water supply needs increase, a constant pressure pumping system can help. In a conventional well pump system, using water in multiple locations simultaneously often results in dishwashers, sprinklers, showers or faucets failing to provide enough water. With a constant pressure pumping system, you can enjoy consistent pressure that automatically adjusts to your water consumption, ensuring steady pressure for all your water needs.

The user-friendly control unit of a constant pressure pumping system lets you monitor the pump performance and alerts you of any faults. With a constant pressure pumping system, water pressure is maintained even if your family is showering, washing the car, and watering the lawn at the same time.

Customer Testimonials

“I recently had services provided by Capital Well (new well pump-tank installed) I am very pleased with the job done by Jordan and Harold, not only for their professionalism-also for their willingness to listen/answering of my questions, giving their knowledge and demeanor I am grateful to have “peace of mind” -having been put to the “test” of honesty, integrity and knowledge pertaining to home improvements in the past, Jordan and Harold renewed my faith-” -D.G.

“I just wanna say thank you. This is the second experience I’ve had with Capital Well. one in Stewartstown, NH and one in Hebron, NH. Every single person I have talked to or met has been kind, knowledgeable and personable. Your crew is awesome and so is your work. Thank you so much for all your help with all my water issues!” -B.D & L.D

“He was so respectful of the plants around the area he would be working. I was even able to move a couple before he got started.One minute we had water the next we didn’t. I called you guys and that same day a technician was here and the new well pump and pressure tank was installed. Thank you!” -S.

Conventional Well Pump Systems

System Benefits:

  • A larger tank model produces longer cycles
  • Overall length of the pumping cycles being determined by the varying size of tank which you need
  • The pump not running while you are consuming water
  • Due to its “on” or “off” cycles, helps to conserve water and avoid unnecessary or wasteful usage.

These units operate at only two speeds, on and off. A pressurized switch controls the conventional pump system, turning the unit on when a certain pressure level is reached, and likewise, shutting it off once the necessary level is reached.

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