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Water Softeners & Softening Systems

Wondering Which Water Softener System is Right for Your Home?

The clean water professionals at Capital Well can help you decide. As trusted water well contractors for over 30 years, our commitment to providing the purest and best well water softener system to your home is our priority.

Suffering with Hard Water Problems?

Water softeners and water softening systems offer a solution for the problem of hard water in homes. But what, exactly, is hard water, and is it really a “problem”?

Hard water is rich in natural minerals that are typically not hazardous to your health, but over time these minerals can build up deposits in your plumbing, water heaters, and other appliances. As a result, soaps may not lather as well, dishes might dry with spots, and showers or baths can leave soap scum and lime scale behind. When hard water dries on a solid surface, the minerals remain, making it a pain—and quite difficult sometimes—to remove.

Now imagine those minerals, all that lime scale, caking up in your pipes and plumbing. Not only does this weaken the flow of your water, but it will eventually destroy your systems and can be the root cause of expensive repairs.

But more serious than your pipes is the effect it can have on your baby’s skin! A recent study stated that hard water can cause a multitude of skin issues for your family, and in babies and young children especially. 

Are All Water Softeners the Same?

Whole-house water softening systems vary in size and cost, and there are a number of technologies to choose from. Among those are:

  • Salt-Based Ion Exchange Softeners – Ion exchange is a process whereby hard minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium are substituted with salt.
  • Dual-Tank Water Softeners – Dual-tank water softeners are basically two units in one. While one system is in its regeneration cycle, the other can still be used to provide softened water to your home’s system.

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