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Water Filtration

NH city water contains chlorine for disinfection, which can lead to side effects such as dry skin, dry scalp asthma and other cancers and respiratory diseases.

Capital well has water filtration systems to help protect you and your family from contaminated water including financing options at 0% for 18 months.
With over 30 years providing customers with trusted solutions to a variety of water problems, let Capital Well help you choose the correct water filtration system for you! Fill out the form below or call (800) 924-1192 today.
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Capital Well can handle any water problem you have including solutions designed specifically to tackle city water contamination. We are proud to offer Evolves ONE™ Cartridge Filter Tank – This filter allows higher flow rates and higher contaminant retention capacities and is interchangeable with any existing ONE™ Cartridge product from Evolve®. No add-on components or system modifications are required and no power consumption!

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Let us help you to get the best quality water in your home while making sure NH kids have food security when returning to school this year. To support Drinking Water Awareness Month, Capital Well will donate 10% off all water treatment to the Backpack Program through September!

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