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Arsenic Test

Removal of Arsenic in Your Well Helps Keep Water Safe and Clean

Scheduling an arsenic test for the water in your home is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency, at least once a year, as arsenic is a naturally occurring element in rocks and soil that can occasionally contaminate well water. Among other illnesses arsenic ingestion can cause, National Cancer Institute studies have shown a link between arsenic and bladder cancer, and recent studies of New Hampshire water reveal a higher risk of bladder cancer among residents who drink the most from private wells.

Arsenic is both odorless and tasteless. A water test reveals the element’s presence, as well as the presence of nitrates, bacteria, and other chemicals. In the event of contamination, Capital Well Clean Water Center can help determine the best way to treat your water, whether installing a point-of-use unit, such as a filter on the tap, or reverse osmosis or distillation devices.

As bedrock in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont commonly contain arsenic, regular testing of the water in your bedrock well is crucial to maintaining a clean supply.

Worried About Arsenic in Your Water?

An arsenic test is the first step to eliminating that worry. We are a licensed water well contractor and can help ensure your well water remains clean, clear, and safe for your family. Call (800) 924-1192 today.

Our Water Testing Process

At Capital Well Clean Water Center, we understand the importance of clean and safe water for your family. Our water testing process is simple, convenient, and designed to provide you with accurate results as quickly as possible.

  1. Contact us: Call 800.924.1192 or fill out the form to the right to speak with our water testing specialist and schedule an appointment.
  2. Collection: A professionally collected sample will be obtained by our trained water testing specialist at a time that is convenient for you.
  3. Delivery: The sample is delivered to the independent lab on the same day as collection.
  4. Results: Our specialists will follow up with you to go over the report as soon as results are available.
  5. Consultation: If water issues are found, our water quality specialist can be scheduled to visit your home for a free consultation.

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