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Arsenic and Bladder Cancer

What New Hampshire Needs to Know About Its Water

Arsenic and bladder cancer: what’s the connection? Past studies have found a correlation between high levels of arsenic in drinking water and increased rates of bladder cancer. Should New Hampshire residents worry about the quality of their water, or more specifically, the possibility of arsenic contamination?

A recent study by the National Cancer Institute revealed that the incidence of bladder cancer in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont is 20% higher than the rest of the country. The study measured arsenic concentrations in private wells across the state and showed, primarily in those dug prior to 1960, increased levels of arsenic.

Perhaps most worrisome, according to this study, the risk of bladder cancer increased the more participants drank from private wells. In fact, the risk nearly doubled.

What is Arsenic and How Does It Get in Your Water? 

Arsenic is a naturally occurring, odorless and tasteless element in rocks and soil. WMUR reports that the presence or arsenic in drinking water can happen naturally as it seeps into groundwater, or may be the result of pesticides used on crops during the early- to mid-20th century.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends an arsenic test annually, not only to address the possibility of natural contamination of your well water, but also to identify the presence of other chemicals or bacteria.

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