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Concerned About Hard Water in Your NH Home or Business?

Capital Well can stop the soapy film, itchy skin, and hard, scratchy laundry! 

For mitigation and removal of “hard water” in your NH home or business, Capital Well has the solution. Hard water is a term that describes the itchy feeling you get after a shower, the brittle or tough hair and the dry skin that can be most unpleasant. You may notice water hardness causing a lack of suds or foam from your detergents, soaps and shampoos, and you may find it in deposit rings and spots on your dishes, coffee pots, showerheads, bath tubs and basins. 

The cause of hard water is high mineral content – calcium, and magnesium – originating in the sedimentary bedrock. These minerals attach to the water as it courses through limestone and chalk deposits in the soil, eventually finding their way into private water supplies throughout New Hampshire and New England.

A recent study found that hard water, with its calcium carbonates, can cause a variety of skin issues, especially in infants and children, including eczema, and that the water’s pH may be responsible. Read more on this study here, and a find recent article posted on the subject by here

Aside from health concerns, significant buildup of lime scale also poses problems in industrial settings for water handling equipment and can damage plumbing and fixtures and lead to expensive repairs, clogged pipes and inefficient heating increased utility costs.

Hard Water Softening Solutions!

The professionals at Capital Well are committed to delivering tried and true hard water solutions to New Hampshire commercial and residential customers. We have whole-house water softening system that can enhance the quality of your home life and eliminate the nuisance of hard water.

For a hard water consultation for your NH home or business, or for all well water testing, Capital Well Clean Water Center can help keep your water systems clean and clear of contaminants. We are certified installers of Evolve ™ EVFE and EVS filtration systems and our company is built on a reputation of trust and excellence, established over 30 years of service. Call, (800) 924-1192, today!

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