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Manganese Removal from NH Well Water

Filtration to rid you of the stains, the foul odors and the bad taste!

The existence of manganese in New Hampshire’s private well water is a real problem, and Capital Well’s experts have the solution. Naturally occurring manganese, much like its close relative, iron, is common in the deep wells of New England, where oxygen is low, and where water maintains contact with bedrock for a long period of time.

Iron and manganese often occur together, and move into groundwater through rocks and soil and through pollution rich in organic matter – like runoff from landfills, compost, brush or silage piles, and chemicals, such as gasoline. Though non-hazardous, if you eat a diet high in manganese, use over-the-counter supplements, or have an infant is using a formula high in manganese, ingestion from high manganese levels in your drinking water could lead to health problems, including, over time, nerve damage.

Manganese appears clear in the well but turns color and solidifies when exposed to air, leaving behind potentially harmful bacteria. Left untreated, you will experience reddish/brownish stains on plumbing, fixtures and basins, visible particulates, and foul metallic and bacterial tastes that will ruin food – and your morning coffee.

Removing Manganese | How Can Capital Well Help?

It is always a good idea to have your water tested to determine the problem’s exact type and concentration and lead you to the best water treatment options. Levels of natural leaching can vary widely, depending upon the types of rock and minerals present at the water table. Typically, manganese concentrations from natural processes are low, but can range up to 1.5 mg/l or higher.

Manganese can be effectively removed from water using a number of treatment processes. Manganese is commonly removed from all water entering the home using Point-of-Entry (POE) treatment devices.

As certified installer’s of Evolve™ state-of-the-art water treatment systems, our team helps deliver to our NH residential and commercial customers the cleanest, purest water possible. Evolve’s™ EV conditioners come equipped with patented disinfection systems that remove manganese without damaging your plumbing and fixtures. Conventional water softeners can be effective for removing small amounts of manganese. Aeration, reverse osmosis and distillation and shock chlorination are other well-accepted methods of manganese mitigation.

Capital Well has more than 30 years of experience providing trusted, reliable water testing and treatment services. Our team of professionals can find the appropriate filtration system and manganese mitigation and removal remedy for you. Clean, clear water, free of foul tastes and odors, is something you deserve.

Manganese Removal From Your NH Home or Business’ Water

In NH, for manganese testing, removal and other water treatment services for your home or business let the professionals at Capital Well Clean Water Center help. Call, (800) 924-1192, for a free consultation and we’ll keep you and your water in the clear!

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