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Suffering with Foul Tasting Water?

Trust New Hampshire’s Clean Water Center with Your Water Treatment

Foul tasting water not only affects private wells across New Hampshire; it can also affect municipal water systems that treat their water with chlorine or other cleansing agents. If your water tastes bad, it is obvious you have a problem with your systems and should contact a reputable water treatment company. But how do you know when your foul tasting water is actually hazardous to your health?

Capital Well Clean Water Center Can Help

There are many causes of foul tasting water, most of which are harmless (though incredibly unpleasant):

When Should You Worry About the Taste of Your Water?

We recommend a water test any time you experience a foul taste or smell. In some cases, the simple installation of a treatment system can restore the pure, refreshing taste you’d expect. In others, a test can reveal more detrimental issues, such as a cracked or compromised well.

As a certified installer of Evolve’s state-of-the-art water treatment systems, our team can help deliver residential and commercial customers the cleanest, purest water possible. And with over 30 years’ experience providing trusted, reliable water services to New Hampshire and beyond, the team at Capital Well Clean Water Center can help with those more complex repairs or well replacements, too.

Treat Your Foul Tasting Water Today!

Call (800) 924-1192 today and let the professionals at Capital Well Clean Water Center help your water run clear and clean!

Let us help you to get the best quality water in your home while making sure NH kids have food security when returning to school this year. To support Drinking Water Awareness Month, Capital Well will donate 10% off all water treatment to the Backpack Program through September!

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