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excess ironThere are several different ways homeowners get access to water systems. For example, 64% of New Hampshire residents have access to public water systems. But if you’re home runs on well water, you may have greater concerns than other homes. Investing in a water filtration system is important for all homeowners who rely on well water. So let’s take a look at a few steps to follow when choosing a filtration system.

Know which contaminants are in your water. First and foremost, it’s essential to know which contaminants are present in your water. Annual water testing by a well company can help with this. Well water companies can test for contaminants like excess iron, bacteria, radon exposure, and more. Water treatment systems are not all created equal, some filter out different contaminants than others. So you need to know which contaminants are present in order to buy the correct filtration system.

Consider the number of bathrooms you have. If you’re looking into water treatment systems that are based on the maximum flow rate throughout the entire house, it’s important to how much water you use daily. By knowing the number of bathrooms in your house, you can better decide on a filtration system. But you should also consider how often you run the dishwasher and washing machine as well. Overall, you should have a good idea of how much water your home uses on a daily basis.

Explore the different filtration system options. There are generally two types of filtration systems homeowners can choose from: point-of-entry water systems (POE systems) and point-of-use water systems (POU systems). POU systems are great for homes with minor contaminations concerns because they treat the drinking water at the tap. But for more serious concerns, like hydrogen sulfide, excess iron, or radon, a POE system may be best, as it treats all of the water coming into the house. Exploring these options is an important step in choosing a filtration system.

Choosing a water treatment system is an important task. So by following these steps, you can ensure you choose the right system for your home.

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