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Our previous blog focused on the “invisible” health effects of chlorine on your health. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil to prevent water-borne diseases. According to the American Chemistry Council, 98% of public water supplies use chlorine. Even though you might not be spending your time swimming in a chlorinated pool, the chlorine in the public water supply can effect your skin and hair over time. One of the first things you may notice is changes in your hair.
And did you know that warm water (showering) allows more chlorine to be absorbed into your skin than swimming in it?



  1. Chlorine removes natural oils from your skin and hair causing it to dry out.
  2. Chlorine causes chemical reactions with your hair, weakening it, causing breakage and hair loss.
  3. Chlorine can turn your hair green! How does this happen? Copper is oxidized by chlorine and then it is absorbed into your hair. It becomes more obvious with light hair
  4. Chlorine increases fading of hair dyes, so you will have to color your hair more often.


  1. Some skin care professionals believe chlorine can cause premature aging because it is very drying.Chlorine can worsen conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  2. Some people can be so sensitive to chlorine that it cause an “allergic response” to chlorine which can cause hives or lesions.
  3. In addition to skin and hair issues, chlorine can cause eye irritation.

If you an on a public water supply, you are most likely showering and washing your food in chlorine. We have affordable, efficient filtration systems for any budget. Get rid of the health impacts of chlorine for good!

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