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“I don’t need water filtration or testing because I’m on a town or public water supply system.”

How many times have we heard this? It’s difficult to explain why public water could be bad for your health, but drinking chlorinated water has certain health risks.

Chlorine is added to public water systems to prevent the spread of water-borne disease. Your water may have no bacteria, pathogens or lead, but the water report you receive each year may not tell the whole story.

The U.S. Council of Environmental Quality reports that cancer risk for people drinking chlorinated water are higher than people who don’t, up to 93%. And while the disease prevention benefits of chlorinated water systems are many, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that Americans now are consuming 300-600 times the amount of chlorine that is safe to ingest.

It’s not just the chlorine chemical itself that causes the issues.  It’s the reaction of chlorine with organic substances which are often found in water. These harmful by-products are called Trihalomethanes. They produce free radicals in the human body, which can cause cell damage and are highly carcinogenic.

What are the increased health risks of drinking chlorinated water?

The benefits of water filtration and treatment to remove chlorine and other harmful contaminants are obvious.

Not sure?  Tired of buying and carrying cases of bottled water home?  Even if you can’t taste or smell chlorine, it could still be in your water supply, and the only way to find out is to get it tested.

Capital Well Clean Water Center can recommend an ultraviolet light, reverse osmosis or other options that are right for your home and budget.

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