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Capital Well Clean Water Center is a water sourcing and filtration business.

Well, yeah. That’s not news!

A lot of businesses are based on a pitch. An angle. A hook if you will. And you must market and inform your customers and potential sales market about your product, but more importantly, the NEED for the product.

Hmmm. Not news either…


The easiest explanation of the concept “needs” is the basic human requirements like shelter, clothes, food, water, etc.

These are essential for human beings to survive. Still… not….news?? right?!

Basically, things that we can associate with “needs” don’t require a boost because these are the products and services people always buy.

With the exception… of water.

Water is pretty much the number one most important life sustaining element. Again, not exactly news. It’s only due to recent plumbing marvels however, that we have been able to take it for granted. Turn on the faucet. “Running” and “Not Brown” is about the only consideration we give it.

But should we?

That’s the NEWS part!

Go to Google.

Type in: New Hampshire Water Contamination

We’ll wait.

(It’s also right here)

Just in case you didn’t want to leave our site, here’s some sample headlines from various news agencies.

Ok then!

Hopefully you’ve come on back from that wormhole of information.

We know most of it is not very good.

And if you were paying attention and your internet browser isn’t broken, then it should have listed those stories by date and relevancy. You must go about 8 pages along before the dates listed of publication are not predominantly from JUST THIS YEAR!

The scariest part and point of that whole exercise was to prove a NEED to our customers through the Google Gods on the importance of Water Testing.
Our trained technicians professionally collect samples at your home and submit for independent lab testing.

We offer water filtration options to fit every household size, need and budget.
There it is.
That’s our pitch.
Our angle is clean, safe water.
Call us today! 1-800- 924-1192 and we can help make sure your water won’t be affected by “The News.”

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Let us help you to get the best quality water in your home while making sure NH kids have food security when returning to school this year. To support Drinking Water Awareness Month, Capital Well will donate 10% off all water treatment to the Backpack Program through September!

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