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Picking up a bottle of water may be convenient, but we all know there are many reasons they are harmful.

What are some of the environmental impacts?  Some of these you may not have even realize.


    1. PLASTIC BOTTLES ARE NOT BIODEGRADABLE – The bottles are not broken down by living organisms. They are broken down into smaller pieces by the environment by heating, cooling and the weather. These small pieces of plastics can remain on earth for 1000 years, releasing toxic chemicals at every level.
    2. PLASTIC BOTTLE PRODUCTION – Production of plastic bottles uses fossil fuels. It doesn’t stop there.. the transportation, storage and disposal of plastic bottles all use non-renewable fossil fuels.
    3. THE EXTRACTION OF WATER USED IN THE BOTTLES CAN CONTRIBUTE TO DROUGHTS- Bottled water extraction is everywhere, even in drought-ridden places such as California. This water is moved so far from the extraction site, it does not go back into the water cycle. This process can reduce and damage aquifers.
    4. PLASTIC POLLUTIONS HARMS MARINE ECOSYSTEMS – Much of the earth’s plastic trash ends up in the ocean, and is ingested from micro-organisms to birds and fish. Not only does it harm marine life, but it passes the plastic and chemicals on to us when we eat seafood. For more info


The obvious solutions…USE REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES and if you have to use plastic bottles, RECYCLE OR DISPOSE OF THEM PROPERLY.


Never worry about water quality. Your water is always pure and free of harmful chemicals and contaminants associated with cancer risks. Your water is healthy and great-tasting.

It pays for itself by saving you money on buying, transporting and disposing of the plastic water bottles.

You are helping preserve the environment by decreasing plastic trash pollution, decreasing water extraction, decreasing fossil fuel usage.

It all adds up to a WIN – WIN!

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More about plastic pollution:

Plastic in the North Atlantic has tripled since the 1960s
A scientific study measuring plankton accidentally recorded a decades-long rise in plastic pollution.

Read in National Geographic

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