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Worried About PFOA in Your Water?

Carcinogens in New Hampshire’s Water: More Common Than You Think Is there PFOA in your drinking water? What is PFOA, anyway, and how does it and other carcinogens get into New Hampshire’s water systems? PFOA is a type of polyfluorinated chemical (PFC) that was once used to make Teflon and Scotchguard coatings, as the chemical […]

Radon Mitigation in NH | Don’t Put Your Family or Business Customers at Risk!

Radon Testing & Mitigation in NH Keep your family safe from this dangerous gas For NH radon mitigation, whether it be residential or commercial, the water professionals at Capital Well have the systems and the experience to perform the tasks needed to keep you and your family safe. From testing, to mitigation and removal, we […]

Manganese Removal from NH Well Water

Manganese Removal from NH Well Water Filtration to rid you of the stains, the foul odors and the bad taste! The existence of manganese in New Hampshire’s private well water is a real problem, and Capital Well’s experts have the solution. Naturally occurring manganese, much like its close relative, iron, is common in the deep […]

Concerned About Hard Water in Your NH Home or Business?

Concerned About Hard Water in Your NH Home or Business? Capital Well can stop the soapy film, itchy skin, and hard, scratchy laundry!  For mitigation and removal of “hard water” in your NH home or business, Capital Well has the solution. Hard water is a term that describes the itchy feeling you get after a […]

Iron in NH Water – Testing, Mitigation and Removal

Iron in NH Water – Testing, Mitigation and Removal Filter out the stains, the bad taste, and the potential property damage! The existence of iron in New Hampshire’s water is a very real problem. Iron is one of the most abundant metallic elements in the earth’s crust and, as such, it is commonly found in […]

Help! My Tap Water Smells Like Fish

Help! My Tap Water Smells Like Fish Treat Those Nasty Water Odors in Your Home or Business If your tap water smells like fish, fear not; chances are your well or water system is not infested with little Nemos, nor is it infected with bacteria that pose a direct threat to your health. But who […]

Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Does your NH Well Water Smell? Suffering with Sulfur in Your New Hampshire Water Systems? We’ve got you covered! If your well water smells like rotten eggs, your well may be among the estimated 5-10 percent of New Hampshire systems that contain objectionable levels of hydrogen sulfide. Though not hazardous to health from either ingestion […]

Arsenic and Bladder Cancer

Arsenic and Bladder Cancer What New Hampshire Needs to Know About Its Water Arsenic and bladder cancer: what’s the connection? Past studies have found a correlation between high levels of arsenic in drinking water and increased rates of bladder cancer. Should New Hampshire residents worry about the quality of their water, or more specifically, the […]

Iron in New Hampshire Water

Removing Iron from NH Water How Much Is Too Much? Removing Iron from Your Water The existence of iron in New Hampshire’s water is not as uncommon as you may think. Both iron and manganese are naturally occurring elements in the earth’s crust, and both are carried into groundwater through rock and soil. In some […]

Radon Testing, Treatment, Removal and Mitigation Services are Necessary in NH

Radon Levels in Your NH Drinking Water Pose a Health Risk How to Detect Radon in Your New Hampshire Home or Business Well Water? Test, Test, & Test!!! In New Hampshire, calling Capital Well Clean Water Center for radon testing and treatment is the first, best step toward understanding your specific radon levels, and in […]

Let us help you to get the best quality water in your home while making sure NH kids have food security when returning to school this year. To support Drinking Water Awareness Month, Capital Well will donate 10% off all water treatment to the Backpack Program through September!

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